Large stone heart scarab


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Large stone heart scarab, well carved and beautiful preserved.

Traces of bitumen and original guilding, still visible. Un-inscribed bottom.

Price: € 900,--

Size: 4,5 x 3,4 cm

Period: Late Period, c. 525 - 332 B.C.

Material: Stone

More details

  • Heart scarabs were very popular amulets. For the ancient Egyptians the heart was not only the center of life, but also of thinking, memory, and moral values. In the final judgement the heart was thought to be weighed against maat – the principle of order and justice. Only if the deceased had lived a righteous life was he or she allowed to live on in the afterlife. Understandably, the Egyptians feared a negative outcome and special amulets were used to ensure a positive judgment.