Aryballos with Hoplites


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Corinthian terracotta aryballos, decorated with Hoplite soldiers.

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Size: 5,5 x 6 cm

Period: c. 400 B.C.

Provenance: Collection Lochard 1943

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  • The word hoplite (Greekὁπλίτης hoplitēs; pl. ὁπλῖται hoplitai) derives from hoplon (ὅπλον, plural hopla ὅπλα), the name for the type of shield used by the soldiers. However, the shield was more commonly known as an aspis, so the word hopla may refer to the soldiers' weapons or even their full armament In the modern Hellenic Army, the word hoplite (Greekoπλίτης) is used to refer to an infantryman.