Shabti for Hor-Em-Heb


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Egyptian faience ushabti for Hor-Em-Heb.

Mummiform, faience with lightblue-green glaze.

mounted on black lucite base.

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Size: 10,3 cm ( 4 inch)

Period: Early 26th Dynasty, c. 664 - 600 B.C.

Material: Faience

Condition: Intact

Provenance: U.S.A. collection Richmond, Belgium Art market, Collection T.P. van Dijck 

Art Loss: S00045619

More details

  • Details in relief, with a tripartite wig, plaited divine beard with chin strap, facial details in good quality relief, hands crossed over chest holding a pick and hoe, seed bag on cord suspended over right shoulder, with dorsal pillar and trapezoidal base, a single column of vertical incised hieroglyphic text on front and back naming the owner as the Renep-Priest, Hor-em-heb; his father is named as Ankh-pa-khered and mother Ta-sherit-en-ta-iah. 

    Inscription: The illuminated one, the OSiris, the Renep priest, Hor-em-heb, son of Ankh-pa-khered, justified.

                    Born to the lady of the House "Ta-sherit-en-ta-iah, justified.