Steatite scarab


New product

Nicely carved scarab with clear hieroglyphs.
With one of the names of King Thutmosis I

"Aa kheper ka Ra, setep en Ra", Great is the manifestation of the soul of Ra, chosen of Ra

Price: € 750,--

Size: 1,6 cm

Material: Steatite

Provenance: German collection, acquired at an auction in Germany ( export paper included).

More details

  • Thutmose I, the third king of the Eighteenth Dynasty, was placed as the fifth by Africanus under the name Misaphris, while Eusebius placed Miphres as the fourth king. The discrepancy of the sources of Manetho is quite unreliable for the entire 18th dynasty

    The lineage of the parents of Thutmose I are unknown. His father could have been Amenhotep I, or his mother mught have been a member of kings family, but there is no real evidence for either.

    The name of the god Thoth is an ancient Greek transcription of the original name Djehuty. Thutmose is a compromise between the Greek transcription Thutmosis and the modern Djehutimes.