Tairona Ocarina


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Very fine terracotta Ocarina, depicting a seated chief or God.

Price: € 1.500,--   Reduced € 750,--

Size: 7 x 5,5 cm

Material: Terracotta

Period: c. 1000- 1300 AD, Tairona,Colombia

Provenance: Ex. Malter Gallerries U.S.A. 1990's, before in USA collection 1970's

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  • The ocarina or “globe flute” as it is sometimes known, is an extremely ancient instrument with a somewhat misunderstood past. 

    Unfortunately, the ancient makers of ocarinas left little in the way of a written record. Much of what is understood about their cultural or spiritual meaning had to be pieced together. If the level of care and expert craftsmanship that went into creating these instruments is any indication however, there’s no mistaking that these ancient instruments held great meaning for the cultures that used them.

    The use of ocarinas in sacred ceremonies to induce healing, trance, and to invoke different deities is still used today by many of the surviving remnants of those ancient cultures.