Book - The Shabti Collections Volume 1


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The Shabti Collections: West Park Museum, Macclesfield

Volume 1 of shabtis collections, Glenn Janes

The serie will consist of the collection of shabtis in the North-West of England, starting with the West Park Museum in Macclesfield.

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  • West Park Museum, Macclesfield
    WEST PARK MUSEUM, MACCLESFIELD opened in 1898, a gift from Marianne Brocklehurst for the people of Macclesfield. The Museum is located in one of the earliest public parks which opened in 1854 and was funded by voluntary subscription. The Museum's collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities was acquired by Marianne Brocklehurst during visits to Egypt between 1873 and 1891.
    Displays take the visitor on a journey through life in ancient Egypt. The collection includes a mummy case, and the afterlife displays examine the process of mummification and the type of objects — such as the shibtis described in this publication — buried with the dead.
    Visitors can follow Marianne Brocklehurst's adventures through extracts from the illustrated diary she kept during her first visit to Egypt.
    68 pages 297mm x 210mm
    Soft  back
    Many full colour photos
    Olicar House Publications, England