Book - The Shabti Collections Volume 2


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The Shabti Collections - Warrington Museum and Art Gallery: 2

The serie will consist of the collection of shabtis in the North-West of England

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  • WARRINGTON MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY is one of the oldest municipal museums in the UK.
    The majority of shabtfs in the Warrington collection date from the Third Intermediate Period, a large number coming from the excavations carried out by Arthur Mace at Abydos, North Cemeteries, Cemetery D, in 1899-1900. Other shabtfs of notable interest in the Warrington collection are a pair for the ‘Chief Keeper of the Records of the Treasury in the Temple of Amen,’ Am en-m es. Dating from the 20th Dynasty, this person is listed in a papyrus as one of several individuals who handed back gold, and other materials obtained from tomb robbers.
    The collection also has a rather rare New Kingdom bronze shabti for Nakht-hir-khepesh-ef (cat. No. 5), and several examples for important nobility dating from the Late Period.
    106 pages 297mm x 210mm
    Soft  back
    Many full colour photos
    Olicar House Publications, England