Boeotian lekanis


New product

Lekanis, rim painted, row of slanting blobs, band, silhouette panthers attacking stag to left, panthers attacking goat to left, band;

exterior and interior foot painted; circle at centre underside; interior painted except for tondo; exterior of reflex handles painted. 

Price: € 1500,--

Size; height 60 mm, rim 202 mm, foot  88 mm

Period: Late 6th to 5th Cent. B.C. 

Condition: Intact 

More details

  • Provenance: acquired before 1943, most likely during the interbellum, by the Lochard family, the head of which served the French state as governor of Indo-China. In preparation of the exhibition ‘Klassieke Kunst in Particulier Bezit’ (Leiden, 1975), the collection, then in the possession of their daughter, was described in 1973 by students of the University of Amsterdam under the direction of Prof. Dr. J.M. Hemelrijk. The collection was inherited by their grandson, the actual owner.