Terracotta Colima house model


New product

Rare salmon color pottery house having a peaked roof, both top peaks are perforated.
Scattered areas of light surface deposits.

A small original piece reattached on the left side of doorway, rear wall repaired from a few original pieces with restoration over the break lines.

Price: € 1400,-    Reduced  € 1250,--

Size; 14,5 x 15,25 cm

Period: 100 BC - 200 AD

Origin: Mexico, Colima

More details

  • The house model depicts a typical West Mexican domicile or ceremonial building without its basal, earthen platform.

    No architecture of comparable form is found in the region because these structures were made of perishable materials; only the earth-and-stone platforms have survived, although many have been destroyed by modern agricultural activities.

    These architectural models thus document the lost architectural heritage of ancient West Mexico.