Ptolomaic blue faience pot


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Rare blue faience pot with a flat rim and two loop handles, decorated with a line of black dots under the rim.

Rounded bottom and in good condition. repaired on right handle side.

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Size: 18 x 10 cm

Period: Ptolomaic, c. 332 - 30 B.C.

Material: Faience

Condition: repaired around one handle, tiny chip repaired on rim.

Provenance: Private collection H.P. The Netherlands

More details

  • This blue pot is an excellent example of Egyptian faience ware, and why it was so highly regarded in the ancient Mediterraneann. Ancient Egyptian artisans had been producing high-quality faience for millennia by the time this bowl was produced and it continued to be a highly regarded material for use in both Egyptian and Hellenistic art during the Ptolemaic period when this bowl was produced (c. 332-30 BCE).