Boeotian terracotta fenale


Woman, in peplos and with high polos, folding one arm in front of her breast.

Front part from mould, back part modeled by hand; big rectangular firing hole

Orange-gray clay with white engobe; traces of red paint on base.

Size: c. 31 cm

Period: Boeotian, ca 450 B.C.

Condition: backside of base partly damaged

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  • Publ.: Klassieke Kunst uit Particulier Bezit, Leiden, 1975, no. 271, fig. 116.

    Cf. F. Winter, Die Typen der figürIichen Terrakotten I, 1903, p. 62, 3; S. Mollard-Besques, Catalogue raisonné des figurines et reliefs en terre-cuite grecs, étrusques et romains I, 1954, C 49.