Shabti for Hor-Em-Heb


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Faience blue-green shabti for the Renep Priest Hor-Em-Heb.

A very well preserved example.

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Size: 10,4 cm

Period: 26st Dynasty, c. 664 B.C.

Material: Faience

Provenance: UK collection

More details

  • Typical mummified form, with tripartite wig, beard of Osiris, the arms shown crossed and holding hoe and pick, seed basket over left shoulder.

    A frontal and rear column of hieroglyphics which translate as:

    The illuminated one, the Osiris, the ' renep -Priest,' Hor-em-heb, son of Ankh-pa-khered, justified, born to the 'Lady of the House,' Ta-sherit-en-ta-iah, justified.

    The Shabties of Horemheb are well above average for the Late Period in terms of their quality.