Ushabti of General Padj-horem-hab.


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Ushabti of General Padj-horem-hab.

Light blue glazed faience with dark blue hieroglyphs.
Mummy-shaped ushabti with a smooth three-part wig, the hands crossed on the chest, with a seed basket and hand plow.
Simple back pillar at the back. A beautiful smile.

Price: € 8500,--

Size: 13,3 cm

Period: 26th - 27th dynasty.

More details

  • Hieroglyphic inscription running vertically on the body: "Padj-horem-hab (General) born of Bastet-herti".

    ( sHD Wsjr [imy]-r SchSw Padj-Hor-m-hab, ms-s n Bastet-Herti )

    The Ushabti is characterized by great delicacy of facial features and hieroglyphs.
    Excavated by Gaston Maspero and his restorer Allesandro Barsanti near the Unas Pyramid in Saqqara around 1890.
    Part of the left hip, tiny parts of nose and an ear restored for the first time around 1891.

    Provenance: Gaston Maspero 1890, from old France collection. , ex. Druot / Cornette Cyr Paris 2014 : Gorny 2019 Germany.

    Published: in the book Hausgrabungen II. from Dr. Dieter Kurth (Egyotologist/Munich)