Shabti for Oudja-Her


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Ushabti for Udja-Her

He wears the three-piece striped wig, the god's beard and agricultural implements in relief.

Inscribed with three vertical columns: Wab priest, chief of the festivals, prophet, son of Isetenkhebi.

Price: € 7500,--

Egypt, Sakkara, XXVI. Dynasty, 664-525 BC BC

Height: 14.3cm

Condition: the Foot and Chip under the arms are restored.

More details

  • The tomb of Udja-Her was excavated in Saqqara in 1902 by Alessndro Barsanti.
    So a year before he found the grave of Hekaemsaf near the Unas Pyrmide with stylistically identical shabtis for Hekaemsaf.
    The shabtis therefore not only come from the same period but from the same workshop.

    In contrast to the more common Hekaemsaf Ushabtis, only very few copies of Udja-Her are known!

    Bibliography: J.F. Aubert and L. Aubert, Egyptian Statuettes, Paris, 1974