Bronze Apis bull


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Ancient Egyptian bronze Apis bull, striding forward with left leg advanced, wearing a sun-disc and uraeus between cow's horns.

Mounted on custom made stand.

Price: € 1750,--

Size: 6,8 cm

Material: Bronze

Period: 712-300 B.C.

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  • Apis Bull

    Immensely popular throughout Egyptian history, the cult of Apis was not that of all bulls, but rather of a special, carefully chosen individual animal. Apis (Hapi in Egyptian) was a live bull kept in the temple of Ptah, in Memphis. More than a sacred animal, Apis was the tangible, living, breathing expression of a primary god that could not be directly experienced in daily life. Apis served as an intermediary between humans and an all-powerful god (originally Ptah, later Osiris, then Atum). Through Apis, Egyptians could talk to the god, and even ask questions. The movements of Apis, interpreted as oracles, were thought to reflect the response of the god.

    Within a complex religious system that might have felt far too abstract to the average Egyptian, Apis brought much comfort to the people as a god they could see and touch.