Mahogany Obsidian Colima Blade


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Mahogany Obsidian Colima Blade, found in found in Guerrero Mexico. This piece has some exceptional flaking.

These were ceremonial blades.

Price: SOLD

Size: 21,5 cm

Material: Stone

Period: 100 - 200 AD

Condition: Intact

More details

  • Stone blades of various types and sizes were produced in the Americas as early as people arrived, including projectile points, hand axes, scrapers, chisels, and other tools. Whether uniface (one sharp edge) or biface (two sharp edges), stone blades with beveled edges had the obvious primary function of cutting. By the second millennium B.C., however, ceremonial blades and bodily regalia made from blades became the media of choice for sculptors in the Americas, who created works of art that transcended the utilitarian or functional.