Bronze Harpocrates


This beautiful and rare bronze statuette of Horus the child ( also known by his Greek name of Harpocrates), is recognizable by the side lock of hair, and the index finger brought to his mouth. He used to wear the crown of Amun, now missing.

Material: Bronze

Period: 26th/30th Dynasty

Size: 19,5 cm

Provenance: Belgium private collection, collected before 1980's

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€ 18,500.00

  • An Egyptian Solid Bronze Figure of Harpocrates, 26th/30th Dynasty, 664-342 B.C.
    seated nude with his right forefinger pointing to his mouth, and left arm slightly bend down,wearing a braided side-lock, and the cap of Amun, with the royal cobra, without the plumes and sun-disk,which are lost in antiquity, his face with with smiling mouth and large eyes with remains of silver overlay. His feet rested on a square plinth engraved with a line of hieroglyphs. Professionally metal stand included.