Greek Black Glazed Oinochoe


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Gnathian glazed jug with trefoil rim and single handle.

Trefoil lip, applied handle, ribbed body

Price: € 750,--

Size: 12,5cm

Period: c, 300 - 400 B.C.

Material: Terracotta

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  • The term oinochoe (pl. oinochoai; Greek oinos - wine and cheo - I pour) is appropriate to this shape and illustrations of it in use, and appears to have been used in antiquity. It is a single-handled vessel, usually taller than it is wide. Beazley identified ten types, based on variations of profile, mouth-type - such as trefoil (like an ivy leaf), round or beaked - and handle-form. One such is the chous (pl. choes), a plump shape with a smooth profile and trefoil mouth. Miniature versions are often found in children's graves