Two shabtis for Taihenutnekhtetiru


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Two shabtis for Taih-e-nut-nekteti-ru

Faience in two colors, one light blue, other deep blue.

Two lines of hieroglyphs on the front.

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Material: faience 
Period: 26th / 30th Dynasty, 664-332 BC. 
Size: 8,5 en 7 cm 
Condition: intact 
Provenance: Dutch collection, collected before 1975. 

More details

  • The inscriptions can be read as follows: 
    SHD Wsjr tA = J- [Hnwt-nxt.t-jr] = w ms n gm-Ast [Maa-XRW] 
    "The illuminated one, the Osiris" 
    Tai [henutnekhtetir] you, born of Gemaset [justified]. 

    On the personal name Taihenutnekhtetiru "My mistress is victorious against them (the enemies)" see Ranke, Person Names, 375.11. 
    On the personal name Gemaset "he found Isis" see Ranke, Person Names, 351.25.