Bronze seated Harpocrates


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Very nice bronze of the God Harpocrates, wearing Atef crown and Horus lock holding vinger to it's mouth.

Seated on a custom made wooden stand.

Price: € 5500,-

Size: 17,5 cm

Period: 644 - 30 B.C.

More details

  • When the Greeks established dominion over ancient Egypt in 332 BCE, they adopted many of the Egyptian gods—and renamed them. Their new name for the god Horus-the-Child was Harpocrates, and this depiction of him dates from that era of Greek rule, called the Hellenistic period. It shows typical markers of childhood, including the god’s nudity, the side braid, and a finger in his mouth. As a matter of fact, the position of the hand to the lower lip or chin was the physical representation of the hieroglyph for “child.”