Olmec Were-Jaguar Mask


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A finely carved were-jaguar mask. 

Very Rare mask in Jade.  

Price; P.O.R.

Period: c. 900-600 B.C. Mexico

Size: 5.25”/13.33 cm H;  4”/10.16 cm W;  2.25”/5.71 cm D.

High polished stone with no fractures. Completely intact in choice condition.

Provenance: L. Smyth, Florida. 1970s - 80s.

Accompanied by a hardbound CIRAM Scientific Analysts and Ruffner Art Advisory Fair Market Value report.

More details

  • Made from the favored jade stone. This mask is considered to be a shaman in the midst of transformation. Exhibits both animal and human qualities in high relief. Notable for its characteristic upraised upper lip, bifurcated tongue, curved fangs and cleft forehead. Perforated almond eyes, flat nose with simplified elongated ears. The Olmec god. 

    From the middle of the 11th century B.C. to the Spanish Conquest in the 16th century, green and blue colored stones (broadly called greenstone, or “chalchihuitl” in Nahuatl) were esteemed across Mesoamerica for their exceptional luster and translucency. Greenstone, moreover, was thought to be water-retentive, capable of emitting vapor that bolstered the growth and sustenance of surrounding vegetation. The color of the stones was further tied to that of water and maize sprouts, closely linking greenstone to notions of fertility, abundance, and life-giving properties.

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