Chancay Mummy Bundle Mask


New product

An excellent and robust Chancay Mummy Bundle Mask. Exceptional and large.

With mounting stand.

Price: € 2250,--

Size: 11.5"/ 29.2 cm in height. 13.5"/ 34.3 cm 

Period: 1200-1470 AD. Central coastal region, Peru.

Condition: Extremely  Good

More details

  • Made from the Alder tree with uniformly applied gritty red cinnabar.

    Red is the color of the east, the rising sun and thus a sign of the resurrection to new life.

    He wears a traditional and colorful headband made of Camelid fibers with a superb weaved cotton gauze topping.

    Strong cheek, chin and jaw lines.

    This item is presented  in partnership with, an U.S.A. dealer, specializing in High quality Pre-Columbian art.